XYLAR® Coating

XYLAR® coatings manufactured by Whitford® Corporation have an inorganic, ceramic-metallic bonding agent rather than the organic polymer resin used in XYLAN® coatings. The ceramic-metallic “cornerstone” creates coatings which are much harder than their organic counterparts and have the potential for much higher operating temperatures, depending upon the fillers and additives selected for use in the coating. They provide exceptional thin-film corrosion protection and are often top-coated with one of the lubricated XYLAN® coatings.

XYLAR® coatings can also be used alone when a lubricated surface is not needed. XYLAR® coatings are recommended for use in three major application areas: protecting metal from oxidation due to water in all forms: sea water, ice, steam, even subterranean condensation; protecting metal from high temperature oxidation up to 1000F (535C); providing a sacrificial primer for any conventional air sprayed lubricating coating.


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