Our History

Original member of DuPont LIA program

Our Start

American Durafilm® was founded in 1949 and became one of the three original charter members of the DuPont™ Licensed Industrial Applicator program of Teflon® coatings. Since that time American Durafilm® has become a leading solutions provider and refined the processes to create a full service location for high performance project requirements.

Our company is well known for its responsive service and for its high quality products, having received numerous awards from commercial and government clients for on-time and exemplary performance. Our staff at American Durafilm® aims to make the client relationship painless and cooperative from design to production. Our customer centric philosophy continues as we aim to meet customer releases and offer fast response times for changing production demands with low minimums and flexible scheduling.

A Growing Reputation

American Durafilm® Company, Inc. has developed unique capabilities for applying functional coatings, fabricating custom parts in precisely designed configurations from DuPont® Kapton® and Teflon® ultra-high performance films, and manufacturing the largest size range of seamless polyimide tubing available. American Durafilm® engineers have perfected proprietary, state-of-the-art processes for forming and heat-sealing DuPont® and Saint Gobain films. Our engineers have tirelessly designed and built special equipment for producing a variety of pre-formed parts and bags. These parts provide efficient, cost-effective design and performance solutions in scores of challenging applications throughout the Industrial, Chemical Processing, Military, Medical Device, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Electrical, and Food Processing fields of application.

“American Durafilm seeks to be more than just a materials vendor. We work in partnership with our customers in the initial design stage, at prototype and in production to help them achieve optimum solutions that take full advantage of the outstanding properties of DuPont high performance films in ways that will maximize the performance of their products.” — Jay Hendrick, President

American Durafilm Today

American Durafilm Company, Inc. is America’s oldest and most experienced solutions provider for applications requiring high performance films, coatings, and tubing. With over 60 years of experience American Durafilm has the expertise and engineering knowledge to solve the most difficult problems using high performance materials from DuPont®, and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, and Chemours®. In addition to being one of the oldest DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicators of Teflon® coatings, American Durafilm is the leading distributor and fabricator of Kapton®, Teflon®, Tefzel®, and Tedlar® films.


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