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By leveraging our multiple business units, materials, and areas of expertise, we offer a full service solution for all applications requiring the high performance properties of DuPont™ Kapton®, Teflon®, Tefzel®, Tedlar®, and other high performance materials. Our specialized units have decades of experience with thin film fabrication, coating application, tubing fabrication, and material distribution.  Our unique business model allows us to be flexible by reaching across business units to respond quickly to customer requirements.  As a result of our distribution services we can offer very fast response time to customer requests as we have the material on hand in order to create prototypes and problem solve.

At American Durafilm® we provide our clients with customized designs, specifications, and certifications  to fulfill their project requirements with a turn-key solution.  We have the flexibility to use existing processes, adapt existing processes, or develop new processes to meet design requirements. The dynamic synergy created by our broad range of materials, manufacturing methods, and services allow our personnel to facilitate the successful completion of each project from conception to delivery.

Step # 1

Client interview to understand all aspects of the operating environment and critical properties of the finished part to choose material and application technique.

Step # 2

Review proposed design and drawings to determine tooling and fixtures to produce final part or application.

Step #3

Design and create prototype and short run production tools to make a sample lot of the item.

Step #4

Review sample lot with customer and modify process or tooling if necessary

Step #5

Create or continue to production run with customer approvals.


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