Food Processing

Teflon® coatings, films, and coated fabrics are FDA compliant for direct food contact use and exhibit the inherent non-stick properties at elevated temperatures, up to 550F, that make them ideal fits for the food processing industry. Bakery pans and trays

Electrical Components

American Durafilm® has developed proprietary technologies to apply functional coatings, form, die-cut, and heat seal Teflon® and Kapton® films, and produce the largest size range of seamless polyimide tubing available on the market today. These


From cell culture bags, cryogenic preservation, coated surgical instruments, and seamless polyimide tubing, the unique characteristics of the high-performance materials we handle offer the appropriate solutions to difficult problems. We produce the widest


American Durafilm® is accustomed to not only meeting the exacting specifications of military end use customers but also working with these customers to exceed the specification requirements. We have extensive experience in developing precision solutions for


The unique physical and chemical properties of Teflon® and Kapton® films, coatings, and seamless polyimide tubing can add value to your products. Our materials are some of the most chemically inert in the world and can survive where other materials

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