American Durafilm Introduces a New High-Capacity Truck Oven to its Production Facility

Top-Tier Manufacturer of Polyimide Tubing and High-Performance Films Receives Equipment Update

Holliston, MA – 03/13/2019 — American Durafilm Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a new truck oven (also known as a walk-in or truck-in oven) to its Holliston, MA facility. The new machine will be replacing one of American Durafilm’s 60-year-old ovens and features a much larger capacity than its previous generation. Its innovative design will allow for increased fuel efficiency and can accommodate about three times the capacity of the prior oven, while occupying the same amount of floor space. From a productivity standpoint, the new oven reduces total bake time required of production components to about a fourth of the time needed by the previous oven. This increase in efficiency is due to a cleaner environment within the oven itself and a more uniform distribution of heat when the machine is activated. This valuable addition to American Duraflim’s manufacturing floor will help reduce lead times in the shop and enable continued production of the highest-quality, custom-coated products on the market.

Jon Goodwin, General Manager of American Durafilm, said, “We are very excited to gain this new bit of technology. It should provide a much-needed boost in capacity while reducing our fuel consumption and lead times. We will continue to look for new opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize our production processes as we look to take on considerable growth in the coming years.”

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About American Durafilm

American Durafilm® Co., Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has more than 70 years of experience in providing solutions for a wide range of applications requiring high-performance films, coating, and tubing. Founded in 1949 as one of the three original Licensed Industrial Applicators of Teflon® brand coatings, over half a century later, the company remains a leading solutions provider of ultra-high-performance materials, coatings, and films, including Kapton®, Teflon®, and Tedlar®, as well as FEP rollcovers. Its Duralok™ technology offers the first and only resealable FEP and Kapton® bag.

American Durafilm® can fabricate high-performance films to customer specifications, including processes for thermoforming, heat sealing, and die cutting. The company is well known for its responsive service and high-quality products, having received numerous awards from

commercial and government customers for on-time performance and overall quality. Major functions of fabrication including heat sealing and assembly work, which can be performed onsite in their updated ISO 7/Class 10000 clean room facilities. In addition, American Durafilm® manufactures seamless polyimide tubing in ID sizes ranging from 0.005″ up to 2.50″. The Tubing Division provides laser machining, cut to length, necking, flaring, tipping, thermoplastic jackets, re-flow, and sub-assembly services.