Clean Room

Class 10,000/ISO 7 Rated Clean Room

With our expanded clean room operations, we can continue to provide products of the highest quality, while paying the greatest attention to the environment under which these critical components are manufactured. To further ensure that the products manufactured are of the highest quality, American Durafilm has employed the use of a material cleaning system to ensure that all materials being used in the process are as clean as possible. Furthermore, the company has developed a packaging system in which the final product is sealed in a clear poly bag to protect the clean products through shipment so that the customer gets a product of the highest possible cleanliness.

Why Cleanroom?

Serving the most demanding industries requires an enhanced dedication to product quality. To this purpose, we have constructed a 1,000-square-foot clean room area used in the fabrication of products when cleanliness is critical in the end use. Some of the steps taken to keep products clean are:

Clean Room Capabilities

Our clean room facility was designed and built in accordance with the needs and requirements of our customers.  As a result we are able to conduct any heat sealing operation normally provided, in our clean environment.  In addition we can offer testing, assembly, and packaging inside the facility to provide a full service solution for the most demanding applications. Our clean room is tested and certified annually.

Typical products include:


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