TCGF Cylinders & Laminates

Custom laminated Teflon Coated Glass Fabric Cylinders and Laminates are designed and manufactured to be used the some of the most demanding environments imaginable.  Due to the pure Teflon® bond layers used in the lamination process as the cage wears at high speed more Teflon® is exposed, thus maintaining lubricity with minimal degradation.


Cylinders are made with and inside diameter range of .5” to 8.4” with various outside diameters as required.  These custom blanks are machined in order to be used as bearing cages for high performance bearings utilizing liquid oxygen lubrication.    Many of these cages are utilized in rocket and jet engine design as they have excellent wear and lubrication characteristics.

Laminate Sheets

When these same TCGF materials are laminated into flat sheets from .015” to 1” thick they can be used under immense forces to greatly reduce sliding friction.  The forces on these sheets are so great that they are used in bridge expansion joints to enable roadways to slide over steel plates during environmental changes.  Full sheet sizes up to 34” x 44” are available with custom cutting to your specified size.

Teflon® Coated Glass Fabrics


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