Polyimide Tubing

Polyimide Tubing & Composite Liners

American Durafilm® Tubing Division is a custom manufacturer of seamless, heat resistant, and chemically inert thermo-set polyimide tubing. All of our polyimide tubing is manufactured to meet your exact specifications.

We manufacture the widest size range of seamless polyimide tubing in the industry with ID sizes starting as small as 0.005” and as large as 2.00”.

Wall thicknesses can range from as thin as 0.0005” to as thick as 0.020”, depending on the tube diameter.

American Durafilm® polyimide tubing can be produced with tight tolerances, thin walls, and low concentricity ratios.

American Durafilm® Tubing Division offers the widest ID size range of medical grade tubing available in the industry, 0.005” to 0.25”.

Polyimide tubing can be produced in colors such as natural amber, black, dark red, crimson, and green.

Lubricious composite coatings can be applied to the ID, OD, or both.



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