Polyimide tubes can be laser-machined with unique features, including holes, slots, text, or other precision features. American Durafilm® Tubing Division also offers an array of other services centered on polyimide tubing and polyimide coatings.

Reflow capabilities

Thermoplastic jackets of single or segmented multiple durometers can be reflowed.  Soft atraumatic tips and marker bands can also be incorporated.


Ability to fabricate sub-assemblies, including strain reliefs, Luer fittings, telescoped tubes, and component bonding, to name a few.

Micro length trimming

Possess capability to accurately trim tubing to lengths as short as 0.020” long.

Coating services

American Durafilm® has the ability to coat various wire materials with polyimide or composites.

Discrete coatings

Our unique discrete coating abilities allow us to coat SS hypo tubes and other cylindrical components with a permanently bonded polyimide, or urethane coating for reusable devices.

This process also allows us to produce uniquely shaped polyimide tubes, such as funnels and tapered dispensing tips for example.

Tube shaping

Ability to flare, bell end flare, neck, taper, or shape polyimide tubing to meet specific applications


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