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For over 60 years American Durafilm engineers and managers have looked for new applications for the high performance materials and process we have mastered.  As new applications become available and require our services we strive to provide those industries with fast, educated, and relevant expert advice and development.  Our flexible business model allows us the agility to respond quickly to sample requests and utilize our machinery, materials, and expertise to develop your ultra-high performance solution.

We can design and create custom sizes and shapes of heat sealing elements and thermoforming molds for production of the most complex parts. These parts can be made in an infinite variety of shapes and configurations to fit almost any application.  Prototype tooling is normally fit into our existing machinery in order to keep costs down during the design phase of research and development.  In many cases prototype tooling is adequate for production so we can simply scale it up in order to meet rising demand as the project unfolds.  We pride ourselves on being a resource to the customer from inception to production and will use all of our industry knowledge to aid in any design and tooling needed.

With our vast inventory of materials and flexible tooling options we can provide parts for proof of concept in days rather than weeks.  This enables the process of determining the ultimate solution to continue in a progressive workflow rather than stalling waiting for revisions to tooling and design.

Challenge us with your high performance application and see what we can do with our expert fabrication, coating, and tubing capabilities.  When we combine these fields there is no engineering problem that we cannot solve with a combination of our materials and processes.


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