DuPont™ Licensing Notice


Products that are to be sold or promoted under the Trademark pursuant to this Agreement must meet the following requirements:

a) LICENSEE shall use the Trademark only to identify the DUPONT fluoropolymer resin, in licensed Products. LICENSEE shall not use the Trademark in connection with the promotion or sale of Products unless all the fluoropolymer resin in the product is DUPONT Fluoropolymer.


LICENSEE shall include a notice at least once per page in on all labeling, advertising, Products literature, Internet sites, and sales promotional material that the Trademark is licensed from DUPONT. The notice shall be as follows or as otherwise specified by DUPONT:

a) “TEFLON® is a registered Trademark of DuPont used under license by American Durafilm Co., Inc..” (preferably); and, when space is of concern:

b) “TEFLON® is a registered Trademark of DuPont used under license”.

LICENSEE shall provide for prior approval to DUPONT’s representative under the Notices Section 7 herein, a copy of promotional materials, advertisements, internet web pages displays, Product labels and other materials displaying or bearing the Trademark for first time use and any modification thereafter. In the event DUPONT objects to any such promotional materials, advertisements, Product labels or other materials, then LICENSEE will modify the use of the Trademark on such materials as suggested by DUPONT based on the Trademark Usage Rules as attached herein under Exhibit B and Exhibit C and which may be revised from time to time by DUPONT.