Teflon® Overwrap Bags for Cryogenic Storage fabricated using Teflon® FEP & PFA Films, as well as Stock Width Lay Flat Extruded Tubing.

American Durafilm Co., Inc. fabricates custom Overwrap Bags made with Teflon® FEP and PFA films, FEP Lay Flat Extruded Tubing and Kapton® Type FN Film. All of these high-performance films can serve as blood storage bags and are ideal for cryogenic storage (cryogenic bags) of stem cells and cord blood. Lay Flat Bags can be designed and manufactured to any size with rigid Teflon® tubing heat sealed into bags, and allowing gases and liquids to flow in and out.

Our Price: $4.58

Product Code: PFA-BAGS
  • Withstands high temp applications up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Suitable for cryogenic use -400°F(-240°C)
  • Autoclave resistance
  • Visually clear and provides a high transmittance of UV light
  • Virtually indestructible to impact and tearing
  • No electrical tracking, non-wetting, and non-charring
  • Anti-stick and low frictional properties
  • Easily cleaned and reused
  • Inert for non-contaminating samples
  • Low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture, and organic vapors
  • Weather resistant
  • Chemically inert and solvent resistant to virtually all chemicals (except molten alkali metals, gaseous fluorine, complex halogenated compounds at elevated pressure and temperature)

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