High-Performance Kapton® Film, Teflon® FEP, Teflon® PFA, and Tefzel® ETFE Lamination Capabilities

American Durafilm® now offers high-performance film lamination in addition to custom rewinding, slitting, and packaging services and can satisfy any converting request—with quick responses.

Save time, money, and materials while creating viable solutions for applications and possibilities for markets. The adhesive laminates allow for easy application, which translates to cost savings for resources across the board.

Save time, money, and materials on:

  • Sourcing and procuring rivets and fasteners
  • Engineering considerations for adhering film in challenges spaces
  • Application and adherence challenges

Products We Laminate

American Durafilm’s new lamination capabilities allow us to take almost any of the films that we currently sell and add an adhesive backing to them.

We can apply the adhesive to most of these films:

Current offerings include:

  • Genuine 3M acrylic and silicone materials
  • Liner always included for easy handling
  • Custom applications always welcome for special adhesive needs
  • Custom sheeting, roll slitting, or die cutting services for laminated films

More Uses—Versatile Applications

The need for alternate fastening options for the various high-performance film products comes more out of necessity. Because film is used so extensively and diversely in industries spanning militarymedical and biopharmaceuticalaerospaceelectric componentry, and food processing, its application in otherwise tricky fastening scenarios can create challenges. Adhesive-backed materials are typically used in situations when there are no mechanical fasteners available for where the film needs to be applied with minimal clearances. This allows these high-performance films to have a peel-and-stick option, rather than some other—less efficient or streamlined—method for attaching them.

Think of the Possibilities

Here’s the rundown—we can laminate:

  • High-quality single
  • A broad range of materials
  • Up to 24” wide
  • Between .001” and .020” thick

American Durafilm will be applying acrylic and silicone adhesives to our Kapton®, Teflon® FEP, Teflon® PFA, and Tefzel® ETFE products to allow customers more options when purchasing film. The standard adhesive thickness will be .002” for either acrylic or silicone adhesives.

With our specialized equipment and processes, we can provide tight tolerances and fast setup services to meet your needs. We can fill large quantity orders as well as small prototype runs—and can do so with quick, two- to three-day turnarounds.

Contact us to explore your solution possibilities in more detail.

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