TEFLON® Coated Fabrics offer a desirable combination of PTFE Fluoropolymers with the superior mechanical properties of a woven fabric.  With many different configurations and fabrics available many of the most demanding high temperature and high impact applications can be served.

From these materials we are able to fabricate endless belts for the food packing and processing industry, gaskets and seals for the automotive industry, and self-lubricating bearing retainers (which will operate in liquid nitrogen and oxygen as well as at elevated temperatures up to 550°F). for the most demanding military applications. These are only a few of the high performance end uses that benefit from the use of TEFLON® and the fabrication abilities of American Durafilm Co. Inc.

  • Superior impact and wear resistance
  • Low sliding friction
  • Chemical resistance
    • PTFE coating is inert to virtually all chemicals and solvents.
  • Provides a non-stick surface.
    • Quick release for faster food processing and reduced material build up.
  • Various configurations and thicknesses including fiberglass and Kevlar® substrates.
  • TCGF – Standard grade
  • TCGF – Premium grade
  • BCTCK – Conductive Kevlar
  • PSA – Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing
  • FLEX – Tear resistant
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