FEP Extruded Layflat Tubing

Heat Shrinkable FEP Roll Covers Saint-Gobain & Teflon

American Durafilm Co., Inc., the oldest fabricator of Teflon® FEP films, now shows that it continues to lead the industry by offering bags with only one seal at the bottom. Less seals means less chance to fail, more volume capacity, “cleaner” look and less fabrication (cost or value added) to make a finished product. Bags made of seamless extruded tubing means they are cleaner as there is no sheeting, folding or “matched rolls” of film being used to make the bags (matched rolls of film can also lead to material traceability problems).

As the only stocking distributor of high quality Saint-Gobain Extruded FEP layflat we can offer fast delivery and excellent service.  Our standard widths in stock are 1.2”, 3.5”, and 5.5” wide.  We have these in 500ft rolls which are ready to ship or to make custom length bags per request.


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