Saint-Gobain® manufactures the largest seamless heat shrinkable rollcovers in the world featuring the best time-tested surface treatment available for maximum bond strength. The installation and use of seamless Saint-Gobain® FEP or PFA roll covers offers the ultimate in release, corrosion protection, process yield, and reduced downtime. Seamless roll covers guarantee uniform construction for the best resistance to stress crack and bond failure even after months and years of tortuous service conditions.  Fast turnaround from our large inventory of tubing allows quick reaction to maintenance problems.

  • Operates in high temperature applications.
  • Reduces downtime
    • Decreases maintenance due to elimination of material build-up.
    • Longer life for roll surface; protects from pitting and reduces need to grind.
    • Quickly and easily applied during regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Chemical resistance
    • FEP and PFA Roll Covers are impervious to virtually all chemicals.
    • Safely used in food industries
  • Provides a non-stick surface.
    • Quick release allows for faster roll speed and higher production rates.
  • Seamless technology
    • Leaves no marks for a smooth, consistent surface.
    • Excellent flex life/crack resistance, superior flexibility for resilient surfaces, continuous flexing and bowed applications.
  • Complete line of sizes––Up to 40 (1,016 mm) diameter, in a variety of wall thicknesses.
  • Paper mills
  • Printing
  • Calendaring
  • Web material protection
  • Roll reconditioning

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