Industrial PCTFE Film

industrial pctfe film for heat sealing or thermoforming

Honeywell PCTFE films exhibit the lowest vapor permeation rates of any plastic.  These films come in a variety of homopolymer and copolymer configurations which enable them to be heat sealed thermoformed, laminated, sheeted, or die cut.  With superior clarity and vapor permeation rates these films are ideal for critical packaging, protective overlays, and gas sampling bags.

  • Superior permeability resistance
    • PCTFE materials exhibit the lowest permeation rates of any thermoplastic
  • Superior clarity
    • <1% haze allows these films to disappear as overlays and liners
  • Excellent formability
    • Excellent elongation and thermal properties allow for complex thermoforming.
  • Chemically inert
    • Resistant to most chemicals and solvents
  • Flame Resistant
    • Superior V-0 flame rating
  • Electroluminescent panel overlays
  • Blister-packaging
  • Durable labeling
  • Electronics encapsulation and protection


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