DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film has been used in numerous commercial applications for over 50 years. It is a biaxially-oriented, highly functional, stable film that provides long-lasting finish. This high-performance material is sought after extensively for a wide variety of industrial market surfaces.

  • Due to its inert and non-stick properties, Tedlar® is an excellent release film when processing parts under high temperature and pressure.
  • With the ability to handle exposure to harsh environments, Tedlar® is an outstanding protective film for applications like architectural substrates and, high-voltage electrical power situations.
  • Tedlar® offers long-lived gloss retention creating easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • As a result of superior UV absorption, Tedlar® keeps the integrity, color, and brilliance of exterior surface graphics intact.
  • By not allowing the growth of mold and mildew, Tedlar® can be widely used in hospital ductwork.
  • Tedlar® is certified for incidental food contact by the FDA, making it an excellent protectant for wall surfaces in food service areas.
  • Its chemical inertness and resistance to gas permeation makes Tedlar® a top choice for scientific pursuits that require gas sample bags.
  • Among other properties, its lightweight and flexible characteristics make it great fit for the aerospace industry. Tedlar® PVF film is conformable and can be embossed and printed, making it a versatile material for use in passenger areas in airplanes.

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Product Code: TGY20BE3
  • Resistance to weathering
  • Low permeation to vapors and gas
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • High dielectric strength and dielectric constant
  • Excellent protective covering
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical, solvent, and stain resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean, non-stick
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion, crack, and fade resistant
  • Mold and mildew prevention
  • Low wind drag
  • High tensile strength
  • High elongation
  • High tear modification
  • High flex variety
  • Anti-stick with good release characteristics
  • Controlled shrinkage
  • Compatible with many classes of adhesives
  • Highly conformable
  • Easily embossed; maintains high pattern definition
  • Available in range of color and gloss options
  • Graffiti and pollution resistant
  • HVAC duct work—especially in hospitals
  • Aerospace and aircraft—cabin interiors with complex curves; meets all FAA/EASA fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) regulatory requirements
  • Gas sample bags; recommended in many U.S. EPA methods
  • Biofuels algae bags
  • Greenhouse coverings
  • Electronics—release sheet for printed circuit boards (contains no silicon, mitigating potential migration); laptop frames
  • Composite part fabrication
  • Finish for metals, hardboards, felts, or plastics in architectural, decorative, or industrial applications
  • Transportation—bicycle frames, train interiors, truck panels, marine vessels, aerostats, buses, and automobiles
  • Windmill blades
  • High-voltage electric power usage—large turbine generators used in winding/stator insulation with epoxy-mica and epoxy-glass compounds
  • Protective overwrap in large conductor insulation systems
  • Graphics films and labels, protective and decorative films for flexible signs and awnings, murals, automobile signage wraps, and advertisement signs
  • Transfer printing
  • Construction—siding, roofs, fabric architecture, tank liners, acoustic tiles, road sound barriers, and wallpaper
  • Cosmetic containers

American Durafilm® Co., Inc. stocks Tedlar® PVF film at 64″ wide and offers slitting to any custom dimension and rewinding down to .375″ in width. These films are available in gray, white, clear, opaque, and yellow.

Tedlar® PVF film also comes with different surface characteristics—allowing for one-sided or two-sided adherence for bonding to a wide variety of substrates and is compatible with many classes of adhesives, including polyester, epoxies, rubbers, and pressure-sensitive mastic.

American Durafilm® Co., Inc. is now a stocking distributor for the types of DuPont™ Tedlar® film listed below:

  • TST20SG4 (gas sample bags)
  • TGY85SL2 (HVAC duct work)
  • TWH10BS3, TGY20BE3, TWH20BS3, TTR10BG3, TCW20BE5 (aircraft interiors)

Fabrication Capabilities

The experienced personnel at American Durafilm® Co., Inc. offer extensive knowledge of available materials and processes for viable solutions across many markets and industries. Our staff work closely with scientists, engineers and designers to create new and innovative fabrication techniques to meet the most stringent specifications and designs. We have extensive experience in heat sealing, thermoforming, die cutting, sheeting, cylinder manufacture, and laminates. Our clean room allows us to provide products of the highest quality, while paying the greatest attention to the environment under which these critical components are manufactured.


SP—Applications for aircraft interiors; excellent conformability to substrates while maintaining superb durability, color, stability (available in custom colors), chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning

S—Heat-sealable film, used for fabrication of gas sampling bags and acoustic tiles; requires a clean, contaminant-free surface when heat-sealing

A—One-side adherable surfaces used with adhesives for bonding to a wide variety of substrates; excellent compatibility with many classes of adhesive, including acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, rubbers, and pressure-sensitive mastics

B—Two-side adherable surfaces used with adhesives for bonding to a wide variety of substrates; excellent compatibility with many classes of adhesive, including acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, rubbers, and pressure-sensitive mastics

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