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Chemours™ Teflon® FEP film is a transparent, thermoplastic film or sheet that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, laminated, welded, or metalized to be used in a wide variety of applications.  With its ideal balance of chemical compatibility, electrical reliability, wide thermal range, mechanical toughness, and long term weather ability there are numerous uses where FEP becomes an ideal solution.  Teflon® FEP is available in thicknesses ranging from .0005” to .020” as well as in specialized cementable versions in the same thickness range.

  • Chemical Compatibility
    • Teflon is the most chemically inert of all plastics
    • Complies with USFDA legislation for safe use with food
    • FEP film is chemically inert and solvent resistant to virtually all chemicals
  • Electrical Reliability
    • Superior reliability and retention of properties over large areas of film
    • High dielectric strength, over 6500V/mil for 1 mil film
  • Wide thermal Range
    • Continuous service temperatures -240⁰C to 205⁰C (-400⁰F to 400⁰F)
    • Heat Sealable
  • Mechanical Toughness
    • Superior Anti-stick and low frictional properties
    • High impact and tearing resistance
  • Long term weatherability
    • No measureable change in 20 year outdoor exposure in Florida
  • Chemical storage bags
  • Chemical resistant liners
  • Release film
  • Biopharmaceutical cell cultures
  • Lens covers
  • Autoclavable storage bags or liners

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