Customized High-Performing Coating Solutions and Diverse Capabilities Designed to Meet Your Projects’ Unique Specification

American Durafilm stands as one of the original licensed applicators of Teflon® coatings and has been applying these coatings since 1949.  In addition to Teflon®, we also have the capability to provide several other partially fluorinated and fully fluorinated finishes, in both liquid & powder formats, to customer supplied parts.  With our vast years of experience, we can assist with any questions or concerns customers may have.  For customers who don’t have a particular solution to their problem, we are able to offer guidance in choosing a coating that will best meet their requirements.  Our coatings can be sprayed alone or combined to meet almost any application’s demands, whether they be for insulation, release, low friction, abrasion resistance, or chemical resistance.  All these solutions can be tailored to have success in high temperature environments and to meet FDA compliance needs if necessary.  Our size and skill allow us to provide small batch and R & D quantities and also the ability to scale up to full production volumes all within the same setting.


FDA Conformity / 21CRF

American Durafilm Co., Inc. has a long history of applying coating for the food service industry. With a variety of coatings that offer excellent release, good insulation, & a non-wetting surface, while still being FDA compliant, we can help you find a solution to almost any relevant problem.


Nearly all of the coatings applied by American Durafilm Co., Inc. offer a level of electrical insulation to satisfy your application needs.

Chemical Resistance

Fluoropolymers have long been known throughout the world as some of the most chemically inert materials ever created. American Durafilm Co., Inc. has a wide variety of both partially fluorinated and fully fluorinated coatings that are resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents.

Service Temperature

American Durafilm can offer coating solutions for applications whose operating temperatures exceed those of other plastics and epoxies. The coatings we apply can serve in a wide variety of environments where either high temperature alone, or a combination of high temperatures,chemical exposure, and abrasion are a factor.

Non-stick / Low coefficient of friction / Non-Wetting

American Durafilm offers a wide range of fluoropolymer coatings that are both hydrophobic and oleophobic. When properly applied and cured, these coatings exhibit an extremely low surface energy, which allows liquid to bead up and run off their surface.


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