Fluoropolymers have long been known throughout the world as some of the most chemically inert materials ever created. American Durafilm Co., Inc. has a wide variety of both partially fluorinated and fully fluorinated coatings that are resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents. These coatings can protect parts in harsh environments such as platting baths, or they can help prevent cross contamination of metallic containers and the samples they contain. Our ETFE, ECTFE, & PVDF coatings offer greater thicknesses and can provide tremendous chemical resistance where high temperatures and release properties are less of a concern. These coatings also hold up well to abrasion. If higher temperature tolerances and/or release properties are required, FEP and PFA offer great chemical resistance. These coatings are fully fluorinated thermoplastics that melt flow during cure to provide a consistent and pin hole free finish in a thinner finished coat.

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