Nearly all of the coatings applied by American Durafilm Co., Inc. offer a level of electrical insulation. This property often goes hand in hand with good chemical resistance because the principles are the same. In order to provide good insulation it is important to melt flow the coating to form a uniform, smooth, pinhole free surface that shields the substrate underneath. The coatings we can apply can be partially fluorinated, in an instance where a high temperature tolerance and excellent release aren’t as much of a concern. These coatings, such as PVDF, ETFE, & ECTFE can be applied thicker to further take advantage of the excellent dielectrics of the fluoropolymer family of materials.  Furthermore these coatings are incredibly durable & chemically resistant while offering the best insulation factors. In applications where higher temperature tolerances and/or better release are required, FEP & PFA coatings still offer good dielectric strength. For great release, PTFE can even be used in applications where a lower dielectric strength is needed.

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