American Durafilm Co., Inc. can offer coating solutions for applications whose operating temperatures exceed those of other plastics and epoxies. The coatings we apply can serve in a wide variety of environments where either high temperature alone, or a combination of high temperatures,chemical exposure, and abrasion are factors. Our partially fluorinated offerings of ETFE, ECTFE & PVDF can be used up to 300F and serve as great electrical insulators and are also able to provide abrasion and chemical resistance. Our fully fluorinated coatings reach beyond this to handle applications up to 400F for FEP, and even further to 500F for PTFE & PFA.

We also offer a variety of self-priming thin coats that cover everything in between. These coatings offer exceptional performance, and we can help you tailor solutions in these ranges that will provide that great temperature tolerance along with some extra insulation, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. These coatings also have many FDA compliant combinations we can offer, while still meeting the same demands as an industrial coating.

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