Fluoropolymer resins like PTFE, FEP, PFA, AND ETFE succeed in increasing the service life of component parts

The unique physical, chemical, and electrical properties of Teflon® and Kapton® films, coatings, and seamless polyimide tubing can add value to your products far beyond the inherent non-stick properties traditionally associated with these high-performance materials. Where Nylon, PE, PVC and other plastic resins fail due to degradation from wear, high heat, or chemical exposure, Fluoropolymer resins like PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE succeed in increasing the service life of component parts, decreasing costs associated with equipment failure, down time and system repairs, and ultimately adding dollars to your bottom line through increased system utilization and through put.

Large and small processing vessels are lined with coating or fabricated and re-usable Teflon® liners to protect the metal shell from chemical assault and preserve structural integrity. Resistance to petroleum-based materials lends many Teflon® products to fluid handling applications where other materials would begin to break down. The extraordinary release properties of our Teflon® and Kapton® films and coatings aid the casting, heat sealing, molding, calendaring, and material handling industries in preventing process slow down or failure.

High-purity chemicals and solvents used in the semiconductor industry are manufactured using equipment that resists corrosion and leaching of extractable contaminates. It is often more cost effective to make products that are inherently pure rather than trying to achieve high purity through refining steps. To guard purity, the chemical process industry (CPI) uses the same types of corrosion-resistant fluid handling components as the semiconductor industry. Vessels and columns for reactions, distillations, absorptions, and other processes can be made of steel or reinforced plastic lined with Teflon®. Such linings are used in the CPI because they extend service life and reduce maintenance, and they have the added benefit of protecting product purity.

American Durafilm Co., Inc. has the expertise to assist our customers from product conception, material selection, prototyping, validation, and through high-volume production. Contact us and see how we can leverage the unique material properties and our processes to add value to your product design.

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