Chemours™ Teflon® fluoropolymer films and coatings have the ability to provide near universal chemical resistance and high levels of purity for medical and pharmaceutical systems.

From cell culture bags, cryogenic preservation, coated surgical instruments, and seamless polyimide tubing, the unique characteristics of the high-performance materials we handle offer the appropriate solutions to difficult problems. Using Teflon® FEP cell culture bags for research or vaccine production offers a greater degree of success as there are no plasticizers or contaminants to leach into the contents. Custom overwrap bags made from Teflon® and Kapton® films offer superior protection for critical biological media during long term cryopreservation to -400F and vitrification procedures.

Medical devices often require shielding from interference during operation. Our custom thermoformed parts and seamless polyimide tubing can provide just the barrier needed to isolate component parts. With wall thicknesses down to .0005”,we can manufacture parts both large and small.

Many surgeries today are conducted using coated medical endoscopic blades, forceps, catheters, Teflon® coated guide wires, and devices with handles requiring non-stick, electrical insulation and other properties. Seamless polyimide tubing is employed extensively in vascular surgeries for stent delivery, balloon angioplasties, and retrieval modalities to minimize patient trauma and reduce recovery time.

American Durafilm Co., Inc. has the expertise to assist our customers from product conception, material selection, prototyping, validation, and through high-volume production. Contact us and see how we can leverage the unique material properties and our processes to add value to your product design.

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