It’s Easy Being Green with Tefzel® ETFE: 8 Great Properties

Tefzel® ETFE Film is a great choice for greenhouse coverings. It has an outdoor weathering rating of over 20 years, which is testament to its durability and toughness.

8 Tefzel Properties that Keep You in the Green

In 1982, American Durafilm fabricated all of the Tefzel® ETFE pillows for New Alchemy Institute’s famous pillow dome. They utilized the film to carry two pillows of air per panel (versus only one), and among other benefits, the insulating ability of the greenhouse was greatly increased. With so much at stake and an increasing need for sustainability, Tefzel® ETFE film clearly provides the protection and versatility needed to propagate one of our most basic commodities—plant life. In a Buckminster Fuller Institute document reviewing the success of the pillow dome, Jay Baldwin, designer and inventor of this greenhouse that can raise vegetables year-round on Cape Cod and is light enough for urban rooftop gardens, wrote that these buildings “make more than they take from nature.” Yup, Tefzel makes it easy to be green.

White Paper Download—Tefzel® ETFE Outdoor Weathering Rating of 20 Years