American Durafilm Co., Inc. large diameter polyimide tubing with sizes greater than 0.090” ID, can be produced with tight tolerances. As an industry exclusive we can produce thin or thick walls, up to 0.020”, and very low concentricity ratios to make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications from medical devices to aerospace, electrical and industrial applications.

American Durafilm Co., Inc. large diameter tubing can be trimmed to very short lengths, laser machined with holes and unique features. We can also add thermoplastic jackets and tips for medical applications and specially formulated coatings to provide release properties at high temperatures and to bleed static charge. Our manufacturing processes allow us to produce medical grade tubing with inside diameters as large as 0.25″.

We have the ability to produce non-medical tubing for applications requiring ID sizes as large as 2.75” and as long as 52”.

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