Technical Data

Thermal Rating @ 20,000 Hours 240°C
Thermal Endurance 400°C Minimum
Tensile Strength 20,000 PSI
Ultimate Tensile Strength @ 23°C 33,500 PSI
Hoop Stress 11,000 PSI Minimum
Burst Strength (Hoop Stress x Wall Thickness)/O.D. Radius
Chemical Resistance Excellent, most solvents/solutions
Radiation Resistance 3.0 X 109 Gamma Dose rd
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity 35.0 X 10-5Cal/sec/cm2/°C/cm
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 4.0 X 10-5/°C
Elongation @ Break 50% Nominal
Dielectric Strength 3400 Volts/mil Minimum
Dielectric Constant 3.4
Melting Point None
Density @ Room Temp 1.42 g/cc

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